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Failing Forward: Why Teach Failure?

Read my article on Womenetics.com - Failing Forward: Why Teach Failure?Every new venture embodies both risk and possibility. With each opportunity, we ask ourselves, “Is it worth the risk?” Often, we’re not even conscious that we are making such an assessment. 

Think about it. Do you find yourself avoiding action because you’re unsure of the outcome? Do you tend to calculate the risks, only to move forward when the odds are squarely in your favor?

Or, do you take bold action, accepting that with great opportunity comes the risk of failure? Are you able to allow yourself to “fail forward”?

Featured in this week’s Womenetics magazine, Elaine’s article, “Failing Forward: Why Teach Failure?” uses the success-story of entrepreneur Sara Blakely to demonstrate the value of embracing failure.

A not-so-subtle caution to the ‘Achievement Elite,’ it’s a message that you might just find liberating.

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