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Living On Purpose

In this blog Elaine Taylor-Klaus shares her musings on purposeful parenting, partnering and living. Read, enjoy, and comment ...

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Staying Power and Forgiveness: Keys to Supporting people with Addiction

Severe addiction causes a lot of pain and guilt for friends and family. Staying with a friend without getting too close, and finding Forgiveness without condoning bad choices is a recipe for success. It may not always lead to a happy ending, but it’s a way to manage the conflict with integrity and respect.

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Want to Lose Weight? Healthy Leads to Happy (& Thin)™

Deciding to get healthy takes the focus off of weight loss and dieting and puts the attention back on happiness and fulfillment. When you discover what you really want for yourself, and Why, and then Believe that you deserve it, it’s amazing what you can make happen. In other words, Healthy Leads to Happy (& Thin)™.

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Why Can't I Put Myself To Bed?

Getting enough sleep ... We all know we need it. So why is it so hard to do?

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The Wheel of Life

As a Life Coach, one of the first things I do with a new client is introduce them to "The Wheel of Life." The Wheel provides a real-time snapshot of how satisfied you are with your life. And since an emotion like "satisfaction" can ebb and flow, this exercise will help you see how satisfied you are right now ...

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