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Living On Purpose

In this blog Elaine Taylor-Klaus shares her musings on purposeful parenting, partnering and living. Read, enjoy, and comment ...

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Re-Defining Success to Fit our Busy World

With the volume of information we process amidst the extensive distractions of a technological age, there is a limited amount of attention we can give to each aspect of our life. Should we try to do it all? Or should we make different choices. What does it look like to re-define success in the context of a modern world?

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Do you make a place for PAUSE in your life?

There is a pause before the swing of a golf club or softball bat; the pause of reflection before we try something new; the pause while we find the words we seek; the pause to catch our breath. And it’s the pause that many of us – especially women, though men more increasingly these days -- find so difficult to create space for in our lives.

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Navigating Partnership

In truth, every relationship of merit is a kind of partnership. And as life changes, those partnerships will change, too. But strong partnerships are a matter of intent. And there are some key “coaching” principles that offer guidance for moving through the maze of changing relationships with confidence and a kind of peace.

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