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Living On Purpose

In this blog Elaine Taylor-Klaus shares her musings on purposeful parenting, partnering and living. Read, enjoy, and comment ...

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Sufficiency Mindset

There never seems to be enough ... time, money, resources, hope, possibility, etc. The news is full of all that is wrong, and harmful. We make decisions out of fear, even when there is no evidence that supports the fear. We are afraid that there won’t be enough. What about you? Do you believe that there is not enough? Are you willing to see a different perspective?

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"Gremlins"--those voices in our head--are sneaky little buggers!

Opportunistic little buggers, gremlins have no qualms about hitting below the belt, or taking advantage of us when our defenses are down. In fact, they are WIRED to shift into high gear when our defenses are at our lowest, when we are feeling vulnerable.

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Is it a family trip or a vacation?

A family trip is not a vacation. As summer moves into full swing, it may help to be very clear about this matter ...

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A new personal mantra: "Up Until Now"

I realized that real change happens when we shift our perspective to adopt as our personal mantra: Up Until Now.

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