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Living On Purpose

In this blog Elaine Taylor-Klaus shares her musings on purposeful parenting, partnering and living. Read, enjoy, and comment ...

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Using Time Effectively (lessons from the fast lane)

In my house, we are living life at a "warp-speed-wonderful" pace, these days, trying to fulfill commitments and responsibilities, while making time for the extra passion-pieces that make life worthwhile. Admittedly, we’ve probably bit off a bit more than we can chew. But at this point – even with multitude of "juicy NOs" that we decline daily – there is nothing extraneous on our plates to eliminate. This is, quite simply, an extra-busy time of life for us. But here’s what we’re learning from it. When life gets...

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Sufficiency Mindset

There never seems to be enough ... time, money, resources, hope, possibility, etc. The news is full of all that is wrong, and harmful. We make decisions out of fear, even when there is no evidence that supports the fear. We are afraid that there won’t be enough. What about you? Do you believe that there is not enough? Are you willing to see a different perspective?

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How do you spend a gift of time? Choose to PLAY and have some FUN!

Atlanta's "Snowmageddon" was like a mandated sabbatical from the universal conscience, whatever you accept that to be. We decided it felt like “And God said, let there be rest!” No, really!

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It's all in the Timing

The most precious commodity in my life, by far, is Time. Time, after all, is all I've got. And if you think about it, it's all you have, too ...

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