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"Focus is when Clarity,
Concentration & Action
converge to create a
specific result."

-- Richard Machowicz,
     Unleashing the Warrior Within


Much of the work of Touchstone Coaching revolves around clarifying and gaining a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

"It took me forty years on earth to reach
this sure conclusion:
There is no Heaven but clarity,
No Hell except confusion."
-- Jan Struther, "All Clear"
The Glass Blower and other poems

Clients seek clarity out of confusion, using the lens of their own values to determine missions, purposes, goals, and commitments.

Possibilities are explored, and decisions embraced.

In a business environment, it is critical to gain understanding of where we are, and where we want to go, before charting a course to get there.  This is when we take the time to aim well.  What does our target look like?  What is the mechanism for getting there?  Clarity allows for much more accurate success in hitting the target on the first strike.

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