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Coaching is ...

"Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."
-- John Whitmore
    Coaching for Performance

  • a style of communication
  • getting to the heart of what matters
  • a conversation that considers possibilities and conscious choice
  • a process of working with an individual or group to deepen understanding, which leads to action
  • where coach and client come together in the service of the client’s agenda
  • Choosing the experiences we want to have rather than dashing about trying to have all of them.” (Coach Training Institute)
  • a Touchstone of support in the lives of clients, especially during times of transition
  • a perfect companion for those wishing to make the most of life’s grand adventure
  • a shared experience where client and coach observe and participate simultaneously, both being a part of and changing lives in little and magnificent ways
  • a vehicle for opening people up to the possibilities of their lives
  • like having your own Belay Team

Coaching provides a Touchstone in the lives of those who need a sounding board, perspective, feedback, motivation, encouragement, understanding, challenge, intuition, or support. It is for those who want to see themselves, or hear themselves, or know themselves better. And for those who are ready to create change in their lives.