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Choose Differently

The greatest weapon against stress is our
ability to choose one thought over another
               -- William James


I think we were still in Florida.

We were driving home on Labor Day and hadn't even been on the road for an hour. I still had sand between my toes and I caught myself saying, "I just couldn't find the time to ..."

My untouched to-do list was with me, in my laptop bag, in the trunk, following me home.  I could feel the stress creeping in (feeling it now just writing about it). I was giving myself crap for not doing work on a two-and-a-half day vacation! Really?

Here's the truth: We don't FIND time for the things that are important to us, we MAKE it.

While we were in Florida I made time to be with Elaine, our kids, some dear friends and my godson.

There would be plenty of time when I got home to attack my to-do list (actually, lists) on Tuesday morning.

chose one thought (I made time to be with my family instead of my MacBook) over another (I didn't get enough done). The simple act of choosing a different perspective made all the difference ... I could feel the stress begin to dissipate.

Choice is a surprisingly effective weapon, isn't it?

What perspective will you choose?

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