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"Focus is when Clarity,
Concentration & Action
converge to create a
specific result."

-- Richard Machowicz,
     Unleashing the Warrior Within


Touchstone clients begin by focusing on themselves... identifying core values, dreams, desires, purpose, motivations and areas to focus on in the coaching.

"What you put your attention on designs your life."   -- Rick Tamlyn

We start with the premise that people can most effectively learn to be their best selves after figuring out who they are at their core.  This sets the stage for the work to follow, and provides a foundation that can always be re-visited.

The question "What do you want?" begins to surface here.

In a professional environment, the process is similar.  For Executive Coaching, we focus on the individual, with additional attention to the needs of the organization.  For Team and Organizational Coaching, the focus is on the organizational system itself.

In all cases, it is critical to identify clear areas of focus as a framework for the coaching experience.  That process sets the stage for evaluating effectiveness.

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