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Manage Health

1. Coaching for People seeking improved health, or living with chronic medical conditions

Touchstone Coaching positions clients to enjoy physically the journey of their lives. People facing health issues -- whether due to disease or poor physical conditioning -- often seem daunted by physical limitations. Touchstone helps clients remove artificial barriers and reclaim the control over their bodies and their lives. Touchstone’s non-judgmental support helps clients find their inner passions, and live life on their own terms. 

Potential clients include: people who are ‘out of shape,’ people living with any medical condition, particularly: allergies, food sensitivities, sinusitis, celiac, ADHD.

Are you ready to feel well, feel energized and feel strong?

2. Coaching as a Touchstone of Support for parents raising kids who have chronic medical and/or neurological challenges

"The Case Manager of the 21st century is a Touchstone Coach."

Touchstone works with parents to balance their journey to meet the needs of their special children. The range and bias of information provided by the medical and education communities is often overwhelming and confusing.  With designated time for focus, clarity, support and expert guidance, the caregivers of children with varied needs can evaluate their options. Touchstone gives clients the confidence to make the best decisions and the support to see those decisions carried through. Since Touchstone’s coaching services help parents understand and support the children they adore, parents are more relaxed and their families more unified. 

Potential clients include: parents whose child or children have been diagnosed with any ongoing medical condition, including but not limited to: ADHD, allergies, food sensitivities, asthma, Celiac, Sinusitis, Dyslexia, Expressive Language and other processing disorders, Spectrum disorders, chronic pain management; parents who are trying to figure out what is going on with their child.

Are you ready to manage your child's health with confidence?