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Our Touchstones:

    "Keep away from
small people who
try to belittle
your ambitions.

Small people always
do that, but the really
great make you feel
that you, too, can
become great."
   -- Mark Twain,
Humorist & Writer

These are some of the people we turn to when we need help and support.

Lorry Schneider & Cynthia Loy Darst: Extraordinay Coaches!

Cindi Filer: Innovative-Outsourcing.com (for VAs)

Duane Stork: Iconic Photography

Kelly Dorfman: Nutritional guidance

Diane Ladd: ADHD Coach for teens

The Amit Program: Support for families with special needs

Florie Glusman: Occupational Therapist

Danielle Moore: Learning Specialist

Michelle Cooper: Professional Organizer and Student Organizer

Sherri Pruitt: Parkaire Consultants

Lauren Zimet: Language Pathologist

Erik Wolf: Zero-G Creative

Digital Positions: Internet Development