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Parent in Peace

All parents deserve a touchstone in their lives, someone to support them on their journey. Parents often feel bombarded by the range of contradictory and confusing advice they receive. Touchstone gives parents the confidence to make the decisions best for their families and the support to see those decisions through.

Touchstone parents are more relaxed and their families are more unified.

Whether you are trying to re-connect with your family, be more intentional with your parenting, or just don’t know what else to try, Touchstone Coaching stands beside you without judgment as you focus on what is needed to restore peace and connection in your home.

Potential clients include: parents who scream, check out or give in; parents who want to set limits and just don’t know how; parents who want to feel in more control of themselves and their homes; single parents, couples; stay-at-home mothers for whom parenting is their primary work; parents whose children are entering a new stage.

Are you ready for peace in your home?