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"Set goals not for the accomplishment of the objectives, but for who you will become in accomplishing them."   -- Jim Rhone

Workshops can be developed and personalized to your individual group or organization.

Some topics to choose from include:

  • Let Her Rip! Women Fueled by the Power of Play (pdf)
  • Caring for the Whole Person
  • Advocating for your Whole Self: How to be there for your children by being there for yourself.
  • Points of View: The Coaching Game, Seeing from Different Perspectives
  • Rediscovery: A Workshop (or series) for 'Women Ready for More'
    • Getting to Know Yourself
    • Possibilities
    • Goals
    • Action
  • ScreamFree™ Parenting (available as presentation or series of workshops)
  • How to Talk with your Kids about Sex
  • Childbirth is the Easy part... you’re becoming a MOM