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"The greatest risk
        is not taking one."

   -- Anonymous

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Touchstone Coaching

About Touchstone Coaching

Creating Change

Touchstone Coaching is a dynamic force for change which takes a practical and action-oriented approach to working with people, groups and organizations.

"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.

They're what make the instrument stretch - what makes you go beyond the norm.
-- Cicely Tyson

At Touchstone, we understand that people and organizations only change when there is a compelling reason for change. Core values, which underlie all decisions, both personal and professional, can often offer the compelling purpose that is needed.  When people understand and act accordance with their values, they are more likely to set reachable goals, and stay focused on attaining them. Their likelihood for personal and professional success increases dramatically.  This "reality" is as applicable to groups and organizations as it is to individuals.

Touchstone clients -- both individuals and institutions -- are guided to find the purpose behind their decision-making in the context of their values.  The Touchstone Method™ of focus|clarity|action™ relies on established methods of evaluation in addition to the insights of intuition.  With this method, Touchstone helps individuals and groups get out of their own way to create the change they seek.

When ready for real and lasting change, organizations and individuals need a steward and a system of accountability -- a Touchstone -- for support.

Organizations need a keen outside eye that can quickly assess their current status and help them move forward in a cohesive and deliberate fashion.

Individuals need someone they can turn to, count on, learn from, be vulnerable with, lean on, celebrate with, boast boldly to ... someone who can hold them accountable to their own integrity, and gently but firmly invite them to grow.

Everyone deserves a Touchstone ...