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“The relationship between the coach and the coachee must be one of partnership in the endeavor -- of trust, of safety and of minimal pressure.”
    -- Co-Active Coaching


Who Needs Touchstone?

"Everyone needs a coach."   -- Eric Schmidt,
CEO, Google

Touchstone Coaching clients "Work Smart"   >>

  • Invigorate your work life
  • Use your time more effectively
  • Expand your business
  • Change your career
  • Find enjoyment in your work

Touchstone Coaching clients "Live with Intention"   >>

  • Create Change
  • Discover what you really want
  • Get the most out of life
  • Reach for fulfillment
  • Ease yourself through a transition (moving, work change, graduating, relationship)
  • Focus on 'what's next' in life

Touchstone Coaching clients "Get it Together"   >>

  • Re-establish yourself as your life roles change
  • Get your act together
  • Find what is missing in your life
  • Shed the things that are holding you back
  • Manage major life change with grace and calm

Touchstone Coaching clients "Parent in Peace"   >>

  • Be more intentional about your parenting
  • Figure our what approaches work best
  • Stop screaming and create a calm and peaceful home
  • Think through issues and decisions

Touchstone Coaching clients "Manage Health"   >>

  • Get Healthy (food, nutrition, exercise, losing weight, etc.)
  • Manage medical conditions (celiac, sinusitis, allergies, etc.)
  • Manage the care of children who are dealing with medical conditions, learning disabilities or emotional challenges
  • Seek balance and integration in your life