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The Touchstone Method

Focus is when Clarity, Concentration & Action converge to create a specific result.-- Richard Machowicz
Unleashing the Warrior Within

Our model, focus|clarity|action, is the foundation for all of our coaching - individual, group, team and partnership.

It provides structure and support as our clients create the kind of Life/Work Balance that produces profitable businesses, thriving families and fulfilling lives.

As a Touchstone Coaching client, you will ...

Give deep focus to what is real right now. Your current state. What drives you. What moves you. What's important to you.

Develop clarity around what you want. Where you want to go. What you want to do. What you want to have. Your future state. 

Create action steps to get there, to create that desired future state.

As a coach, our job is to be an accountability structure – a touchstone – along the way.

Touchstone Coaches engage clients: focus|clarity|action