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Meet the Touchstone Coaches

We are Elaine & David Taylor-Klaus -- partners in life and in work. Together we are doing work we are passionate about, growing a profitable business and raising successful, independent children.

And we help our clients do exactly the same thing.

Touchstone Coaching enables us to inspire our clients to overcome the overwhelm of growing a business & growing a family by designing & creating the kind of Life/Work balance that produces profitable businesses and thriving families.

We are grounded in the belief that playful, respectful collaboration infuses relationships - personal and professional - with balance & energy.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, ACC

Elaine Taylor-Klaus has been coaching in one form or another most of her life. The establishment of Touchstone Coaching: Focus/Clarity/Action is the natural outcome of her lifetime of advocacy, support, teaching, parenting, consulting and learning.

She listens with a keen attention to all that is being said ... and all that is not.

With her guidance, her clients discover their own answers.


David Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, ACC

David Taylor-Klaus is drawn to coaching as a powerful vehicle for impact.  He offers coaching as an effective way to challenge complacency. 

With a clear understanding of the complexity of the modern workplace, he empowers clients to create meaningful, lasting change.

From his own experience, he guides his clients to design the lives they want to lead, both personally and professionally.