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I am a Life Coach,
Entrepreneurship Coach,
& Leadership Coach
on noomii.com

“The relationship between the coach and the coachee must be one of partnership in the endeavor -- of trust, of safety and of minimal pressure.”
    -- Co-Active Coaching


David Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, ACC

David Taylor-Klaus works hard, and he plays hard. He deliberately approaches the many important roles in his life with intention and attention. He is ...

A Husband, Father & Friend.
A Coach, Mentor & Speaker.
A Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist & Visionary.
A Wine Collector, Avid Cyclist & Gold-medal Rower.

In every walk of life, he is a lifelong learner.

David’s personal and professional worlds clearly reflect a journey in pursuit of excellence, always with a great deal of humor and heart. He is known for his sharp intellect and incisive ability to see what others do not. He balances fierce candor with a warm heart … a style described as “an iron fist in a velvet glove.”

Whether working with individuals, teams, or speaking to large groups, David believes that a powerful leader exists in each of us, and he empowers others to unearth & unleash that leadership. He drives home the importance for all professionals of taking an active, intentional, and dynamic role in their personal and professional lives.

As a coach, David reintroduces successful entrepreneurs to their families. Through an informed and well-applied process, and an inspired approach, his clients overcome the overwhelming aspects of growing a business and raising a family. They create the kind of Life-Work Balance they only dared to imagine was possible.

High-performing and high-potential executives face issues similar to successful entrepreneurs. The drive to excel, the compulsion to succeed, the commitment to performance, and the desire to advance can create an imbalance that undermines their progress. Through coaching, clients develop and hone leadership, communication, accountability and management skills, propelling them forward towards the excellence, success, performance and advancement they seek.

DTK Coaching is part of the Touchstone Coaching family of companies, founded by Elaine Taylor-Klaus in 2008. David joined Touchstone in 2009 after selling his company, where he was CEO of the internet strategy and web development firm he co-founded in 1995, Digital Positions. As a strategist at DP, he worked closely with C-level executives, senior management teams and boards of directors, coaching them through broader perspectives around how interactive initiatives support the corporate vision and values for positive growth. Prior to DP, David spent 5 years in technology consulting, and a decade in hospitality.

David and Elaine currently live in Atlanta with 2 of their 3 children and a dog (named Kat) in a Buckhead neighborhood they developed in 1994.